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Relationship advise​, anyone?

Relationship advise​, anyone?

Relationship Reconciliation Advice #1 Firstly, I’ve decided to write this article/post not because I’m an expert when it comes to these type of things. I’m only 27 years old, not old enough to be a grandparent yet… because you know, our grandparents know a lot and have experienced a lot in life to be considered […]

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Real Stories Never End.

Hey there! This is just something I wrote from my heart earlier this year. It’s crazy how when I read this now, this is not where my heart is anymore. TIME HEALS. So, whatever you are experiencing now, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. BE ENCOURAGED. xx, Jenna I think it is unfair, absolutely unfair how you […]

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Romanticizing Love.

Why must we romanticize everything we experience? I know that is not accurate for every person in the world. We are after all, made of different seeds and hues. I am talking of myself. Perhaps, without the risk of sounding immature, when we are kind, hopeful, and positive in aspects that matter, we do have […]

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Hello to you! . This week, had a one week off from college, and other than work, I rested. Like really rest. . Went around the city too. But mostly rest. . Can I stress that even more? ha! . For a person who is quite an ‘Achiever’ (I feel accomplished when I tick off […]

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