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    Hi! This is my Review Page where all my reviews are listed.updated as of September 29, 2012 [by Author’s name] Abbi GlinesBreathe [Sea Breeze #1]Because of Low [Sea Breeze #2]While it Lasts [Sea Breeze #3]Just for Now [Sea Breeze #4]…

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    Hi! Thanks for taking time to read my policies here on my blog. I haven’t really made a formal review policy on my blog before, besides the stuff I put on my sidebar (regarding reviews).    My blog is a Young…

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    After so much thinking, I have decided I wanted to share more about myself by blogging about…myself. Here, you’ll find stories from my daily life, or probably a vlog (most likely). I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

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    ALL BEAUTY-RELATED POSTS.   Make-up, skin care products, fashion, you know the drill chica!

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    FREE downloadable FACTSHEET

    I have read so many RESEARCH ARTICLES and JOURNALS in the past 3 years about CLIMATE CHANGE and the MEAT INDUSTRY. I have compiled them into a simple PDF file (above) that you can DOWNLOAD for FREE. YOU’RE WELCOME! XX