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  • Alice Thomas

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  • moses

    hello jenna, how are you doing? thank you for the awesome work you are doing by helping with information regarding hillsong. God bless you abundantly.

    my name is moses from Nigeria. i have gained admission to study worship music at hillsong college for the january 2019 intake.
    i am so excited.

    my dad is a pastor. He is the founder of our church, and one day, i will take up a leadership position in the church. i hope to go for masters in leadership too after my certificate studies all through to advanced diploma because i already have a degree.

    i will love to get a job, and stay back, gain some ministry experience before returning to nigeria. is it possible? can i gain pr with hillsong certificate?
    because i checked in with immigrations, and music related occupations are among occupations in the pr occupation list,

    i have been a music director for my church since 2015. this is the only Job i have ever done. i have no other job experience.

    so pending the time my dad nears retirement, and i assume ministry leadership, he has asked that i gain education and experience.

    also, i am also convinced of God’s call upon my life. and my dad’s ministry will be a good start for me until God says otherwise.
    but until then, how easy is pr as a music professional?

    Ps… are there africans at hillsong? if yes,what percentage are they of the entire student population?
    anticipating your response.
    stay blessed. shalom

    • Jenna

      Hello Moses! thank you! also CONGRATULATIONS on your admission. We are praying for your safe trip and the year/s you are going to have in Bible college. When it comes to immigration stuff, I am not as reliable as consulting a migration lawyer. BUT, after doing a degree in theology or Masters degree, you can apply for a graduate visa good for a year or 2 years. For PR, honestly, Australian immigration constantly changes, one minute the skills can be there, next it can be not there. I do have a friend who has music degree and found someone to sponsor her. You just need to be proactive in finding sponsor or consulting a migration lawyer when the time comes. Nevertheless, I know God is going to lead you and give way to whatever He wants you to do then. Lastly, there are Africans in college! But I am not sure about the percentage population. There are so many different nations, which is awesome! 🙂 hope I answered your questions. we look forward to having you next month.

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