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  Happy new year 2019!    When the new year hits, people restart their lives. Resolutions come in in throngs of molecular gestures. By week four, it is almost forgotten and thrown into the backseat of priorities. Even so, I find it refreshing to start anew, especially if the past year has been not the […]

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Personal Diaries #1

Once there was a girl who was given by a promise by her Creator. It was unlimited. Unexpected. Unwarranted. It caught her by surprise. She did not want any of that nor anything to do with it. But she had said YES. And with her big YES came further yesses.   Every step was laden […]

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Alone time

Alone time

Walking down the city streets, There’s something about seeing dads hold their little girls that makes my chest tight. Slowly, I feel my heart starting to quench and grow heavy with every breath I take. Almost five years now, but the pain of missing him still lingers in my soul and I feel it in […]

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One Day.

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “One day…” from people.   “One day, I’m gonna graduate” “One day, I’ll be fit again” “One day, I’ll own a house” “One day, I will go to that place” “One day, it’s gonna be me up there”   It’s not wrong to say so. In all honesty, […]

|Reflection| February 14, 2016

|Reflection| February 14, 2016

*somehow this post missed it’s scheduled post but I still decided to post it anyway 😉 *   You have to admit it guys, my creativity in giving my posts title is zero. haha! I guess I’ll use the phrase “It’s the content (thought) that counts” here now right?   ha! I love you guys! […]

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|My Hillsong College Experience blog #3| Month of Miracles!

Hey there lovely people! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all good. I cannot believe we’re halfway thru the year!!! Honestly, where have the days gone by? I really meant to blog more frequently than this haha! But I overestimated my dedication to blog. Honestly, it’s just not one of my priorities the […]