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F*ck Marriage by Tarryn Fisher |book review|

F*ck Marriage by Tarryn Fisher |book review|

This book did me over. I have not been married much more divorced, but I feel like I’ve gone through both. I particularly read books such as this to increase my empathy and understanding of those who have been through different challenges in life. Not everybody will understand, believe me. Anyway, I have to be […]

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Real Stories Never End.

Hey there! This is just something I wrote from my heart earlier this year. It’s crazy how when I read this now, this is not where my heart is anymore. TIME HEALS. So, whatever you are experiencing now, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. BE ENCOURAGED. xx, Jenna I think it is unfair, absolutely unfair how you […]

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Romanticizing Love.

Why must we romanticize everything we experience? I know that is not accurate for every person in the world. We are after all, made of different seeds and hues. I am talking of myself. Perhaps, without the risk of sounding immature, when we are kind, hopeful, and positive in aspects that matter, we do have […]

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I cannot lie, I have been very much into home interior design for the past two years. Hence having moved to two different apartments in the past two years, I’ve decorated my apartment/room in glee. I currently live in a supposed to be sunroom converted to bedroom, and it is the size of a studio […]

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  Happy new year 2019!    When the new year hits, people restart their lives. Resolutions come in in throngs of molecular gestures. By week four, it is almost forgotten and thrown into the backseat of priorities. Even so, I find it refreshing to start anew, especially if the past year has been not the […]

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Personal Diaries #1

Once there was a girl who was given by a promise by her Creator. It was unlimited. Unexpected. Unwarranted. It caught her by surprise. She did not want any of that nor anything to do with it. But she had said YES. And with her big YES came further yesses.   Every step was laden […]

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Alone time

Alone time

Walking down the city streets, There’s something about seeing dads hold their little girls that makes my chest tight. Slowly, I feel my heart starting to quench and grow heavy with every breath I take. Almost five years now, but the pain of missing him still lingers in my soul and I feel it in […]

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One Day.

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “One day…” from people.   “One day, I’m gonna graduate” “One day, I’ll be fit again” “One day, I’ll own a house” “One day, I will go to that place” “One day, it’s gonna be me up there”   It’s not wrong to say so. In all honesty, […]