About Me

Hi gorgeous!

Welcome to Jenna Christy ministries.

My name is Jenna, and I’m just a regular girl, who loves Jesus very much.

In this blog website, I only desire ONE thing, it’s to point you to Jesus, who is the answer to everything. He loves, He saves, He heals, and He has wonderful plans for you including giving you an abundant thriving life.

I am on this journey as well, but I believe God gave me a mandate to help you on the journey too, by sharing what I’ve learned, my stories, and all the things the Holy Spirit compels me to share.

There are 3 main things I can help you with specifically.

  1. Encourage and teach you through devotionals, studies, and plain story sharing in my vlogs.
  2. Social Media Strategy Coaching. This is for Jesus lovers who have God-given dreams and passions may it be in entrepreneurship or ministry. I simply want to help you gain clarity in what God wants for you, and teach you Social Media branding and strategies to grow your community- spiritually and physically.
  3. Plantbased Coaching. I’m a Nurse in profession, studied Plantbased nutrition, Theology, and most importantly the healing and life lessons God gave me. I believe all of them were planned and designed by God so I will be able to share and coach some of you into the freedom of loving yourself by eating healthier and becoming healthier- mind, body and spirit, not by the world’s standards but through the Holy Spirit.

I’m not perfect ladies. I’m a mess. We’re all a mess… that’s why we need Jesus! However, God can and is able to use us despite our mess. And I believe some of you “stumbled” or came upon my website not “accidentally” but of Divine appointment.

The honest truth is not all of you are meant to work with me, but there are some of you that are. In order for us to find out, I would love to have a chat with you so we can find out if God wants us to work together, or I probably am meant to direct you to someone I know. Either way, it will be you ONE step closer to living more of the freedom God gave you.




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