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5 WFH Side Hustles for Extra Income

Hi girls!!!

You know I care about you! I’ve been speaking to so many women (and guys) in the past three weeks, and a lot has been asking me what sort of WORKING FROM HOME (WFH) online opportunities are there?

Well, I get overwhelmed in answering them because tbh? THERE’S A LOT!

That’s good right? A LOT of opportunities for ONLINE income? YEAH!

The only question is, how willing are you to put in the effort? In everything, we pray. But God needs us to do our part and hustle too! Hustle in His pace, not ours. So… anyway! I have listed down 5 “working from home” / online jobs you can do right now. I’ve listed 5 of the many I know, as I can personally attest I have friends who WFH with these online jobs, THRIVE and earn a sustainable INCOME.


Graphic design skills? 

If you know how to design a website, businesses hire website designers for a minimum of $2000, some even pay up to $10,000. Yep, it’s a thriving business for website developers. 

If you are an artist, you can sell pre-made designs or artwork. There are many entrepreneurs, web site designers, who need outsourced art. You are probably the answer to their need. 

(Tip: Go to niched Facebook groups, lurk around, ask in a post if anyone wants any art drawn for them. I know someone who did this and charged $15 for a simple graphic, she got a lot of clients because of this. Be smart. 😉 )

Copywriting skills?

A lot of entrepreneurs online are so busy doing sales calls, creating content, etc. that they do not have time to learn to copywrite. Even if they do know how to, they just don’t have time. YOU may be the answer to their prayers. Average pay is $50-$160/hour, depending on your expertise. 

Blog Writing/SEO knowledge?

If you know what SEO (search engine optimization) means, you already know what I’m talking about. Help bloggers and other entrepreneurs hit their goal and increase their online presence by writing for them. You can earn from $.02 to $2 per word. 

(Tip: Utilize Fiverr or Upwork websites)

The list goes on! If you know how to use Photoshop, or you’re a photographer with an existing portfolio- you can sell stock photos. If you have a Marketing/sales background, you can offer free audit/consultation with online entrepreneurs, then you can offer to work for them as a marketing or sales coach.

The Key is: find your niche’s FB groups/IG groups, etsy OR Freelance sites-,

A friend of mine who lives in Europe is currently working as a transcriptionist. Average $15/hr, and if you’re an advanced transcriptionist, it can be $25-$30/hour. Some companies/websites pay minimum rate of $1.30/minute of recording to be transcribed.

(Tip: My friend uses the website OneForma)

You’re either gonna love me or hate me for this… (hehe)

Direct Selling companies

There are so many out there! I personally am a member and a user of Young Living Essential Oils. Love them! I have also spoken to many online friends, and having their side hustle has been a miraculous gift for them. Side hustle turned into main hustle atm, especially during this Covid-19 crisis. 

Other companies I heard that have good feedbacks are Arbonne and Monat.

My piece of advise? Get to know the company, learn how they do business. Go with the one who will CARE about you, and products you will use and benefit your life, rather than rob you. I am well aware there are many of us who have been hurt by some of these companies. They’re not all bad, we just have to be smart and wise who we choose to invest with.

 (PS. If you wanna hear more about Young Living, I can get you on a call with someone. Comment below or email me at )

Online courses

 My favorite!!! While it takes a lot of effort to make an online course, but once you have an e-course, it’s almost a passive income earner as you don’t have to keep making products to produce, you only have to update and market them. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in my first e-course on the Plantbased vegan lifestyle. (If you wanna check that out- LINK) P.S. I’m currently looking for women who want to join in my Plantbased coaching program, few more spots left- Apply HERE to book a FREE consultation call.)

I’ve done two courses how to make online courses so far, and I can recommend you to my fave- Course Compass– Myrra, the teacher, makes it easy for you to understand the whole process! (Check her out HERE)

Blogging/Affiliate marketing

If you consider yourself an influencer or you’re a just a “regular girl” who has a knack for giving online reviews and promote products you love. You can choose to put affiliate links so you can earn multiple streams of income, other than sponsorship brands. Honestly, this is a whole other topic.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d love for me to write about this in the future. 🙂

What do VA’s do? Admin work, email correspondence, scheduling, supports the client in any way possible. Basically, it’s their job to make the client’s work easier. It’s like having an assistant, just not in person. Average earning is $16.42/hour, or between $15-$30/hour rate.

(Tip: Hit up to check out jobs)

When I first started venturing into the online space, “social media manager” was one of the job opportunities I’ve seen. There are countless of Youtube videos teaching you how to do this.

Basically, what you do as a social media manager is manage a business/brand’s social media. From posting, to engaging with followers. 

Now, I would really like to say, there are a lot of “social media managers” who don’t know how to grow Instagram/ Facebook/ Blog/ Email list audience, and well, PLEASE PLEASE don’t claim to know how to do that if you don’t know how to. It will not benefit you. There will still be a lot of brands/businesses who would hire you if you can help them manage their social media, not the “social media growth” part. 

HOWEVER! If you are an upcoming entrepreneur or you want to be a Social Media Manager, and want to up your game and potential to be hired, I am currently asking people to sign up for my BETA COURSE on how to organically grow your Instagram community and reach. I personally grew my Instagram community organically from measly 800 to 24K and counting in 6 months! Sign up HERE, if you’re interested in that. 

There you have it, 5 ways you can WFH. Even after all the Covid situation is over, you might want to stick around having a side hustle. It truly will change your life, hey?

I cannot wait until you put those thoughts into STEPS! STOP overthinking it.

If this post has been helpful to you, share it with your family or friends! 🙂

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