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Just when I think that bit of talking about “unforced rhythm of Grace” is over, there is more for you girls. 🤣 Of course, God has more to talk about on this topic.

Unforced by meaning is “not compelled/constrained”, “natural”.

Let the grace of God flow gracefully, organically, with ease and warmth into your spirit. It is sort of the opposite of intentional. Not that being intentional is wrong, but I truly believe there is a time and place of being intentional, and also letting things flow organically.

Let’s talk about friendships.

I don’t know about you but since I was a little girl, I think I was just born to be with friends. Not am I only friendly, I just know how to make friends and invest and nurture friendships. Ask my longtime friends, they can attest to that! Lol. Especially with girls! I have a good friend who told me back when we were in uni that she doesn’t know how I do it- how I have a lot of girlfriends, and different groups at that! She asked that question with the premise that girls are confusing and complicated, especially in our teenage years. 🙂 All I have to say with that is I am graced for it. I am graced to form and fortify friendships with women. It’s not easy, but there’s an ease into it. Wherever God brings me, Philippines, US, Australia, I always found my way in building great lasting and genuine friendships.

You might be there saying, “but that’s you Jenna, you’re friendly, I’m not like you.” Well, I sure hope not! Because we are all meant to be different from one another. We were all created uniquely from each other. It’s a matter of finding out what that it is you are graced for, and let God grow that in you. Don’t force it, but learn to let go. Next thing you know, you will naturally be led into that. Into you “niche”. But girlfriend! It takes work!

BECAUSE it doesn’t mean that you are graced for it that you won’t have to do work.

What do you mean it takes “work”? You just said it will flow naturally! Here me out for a second. It takes work as in, you might have to do a lot of waiting. Or getting out of your comfort zone. BECAUSE it doesn’t mean that you are graced for it that you won’t have to do work. It still requires work, but you will be graced for it. It will “feel right”. It will “click”. It’s the “right thing to do” for that season. Is this starting to make sense now?

Before you spiral into thinking too much, we can actually just start with one question. What is it that you like doing and find is easy for you to do even when others find it difficult? It can be as grand as doing “accounting” or as simple as “folding clothes”.

I am super curious to know! Sound off in the comments below! 🙂



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Hi there! My name is Jenna. I write and speak to encourage and empower women, equality, freedom, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle. For the Kingdom of Jesus. <3

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