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For Such A Time As This…

Ready? Here we go. 

On the 4th of November, 2019, I finally launched my online course on Plant-based lifestyle I call “HOW 2BPB” (which simply means “How to be Plantbased”)

Yes, me! I launched a course online! What?

I think I am the most surprised of us all.

If you asked me 5 months ago what I’d be doing right now, well, it for sure wasn’t building a business and ministry online. BUT, here I am. 

This is where OBEDIENCE brought me.

In all honesty, you guys, the last four months have been an incredible yet life-changing and extremely difficult bordering impossible kind of months. It’s crazy to think it’s only been three and a half months (count from mid-July). I have been stretched beyond my capacity by the Lord. I have entered a different level and season in life. If I thought to be in Bible college was me being “set apart” already, well, I didn’t know what I was thinking because the season I found myself in is well beyond what I expected it to be. It does not even come close to what I thought was going to be.

Now, I am no longer just a student in training and volunteering in the church. Now, this is a full-time ministry. And it has been the most debilitating dying to myself daily kind. I cannot even begin to describe the incredible weight I feel in my chest every day. But it didn’t start that way.

I thought I got through the eye of the needle when I agreed to stay in Sydney. After I finished my degree in theology, I was full of new hope and God-dreams revived. But it did not stop there (of course not🙄🙄) God continually asked me to do things that don’t make sense, such as “quit your part-time job”, “buy this online course, it’s an investment”. To which I naturally responded, “But God, I want to work and earn money while working on the projects You want me to do…” Why? Well, because that’s what makes sense. Just like when I was in Bible college, I worked part-time as a make-up artist. It was great. I was pursuing God’s call, and I had an answer to people who asked: “how do you support yourself?”. Well, now? It’s madness! I have almost nothing left in my savings. I keep asking my sister to help me and I feel guilty, but I knew this is God. I kept trying to pursue things to help me earn extra money, but I just got exhausted. I was also volunteering with A21 organization, which honestly was the only thing giving me a purpose and keeping me in Sydney at that time. 

I was learning three different things at a time. Remember the online course God told me to purchase? Yep. I was learning digital marketing, social media branding, making online courses, I was engaging with many different women and groups online. It did not even stop there. I died to myself every day. If I thought I had any pride left, they’re dead now. I continually asked for my sister’s help. I forced myself to launch my first product, but it kept getting pushed. “It wasn’t time yet.”.

Two months into doing “this”, I met a girl from Bible college in one of our Sisterhood (women service in our church) services.  I knew she was coming to Sydney for a month as part of her missionary trip. At that point, she’s traveled to more than 20 cities in 10 different countries, with no job, just God directing her as she goes. (I’m linking her blog here, she’s got an amazing testimony, have a read… you’re welcome 😉)  I came to give her an encouraging word, and we got connected. I ended up helping her with her blog launch, social media branding, etc. We did that in two weeks, while at the back end I was still working on my brand and online course. 

I know it does seem like “I’ve been busy”. But believe me, I thought I wasn’t. I thought I was being lazy, not doing enough, etc. etc. Why? Because I didn’t see the results I thought I should have by then. I was hard on myself. I was sick all the time. I didn’t feel worthy of teaching the Plant-based lifestyle because I was not consistent all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t depressing all the time. I was happy some days, and I knew why I was here. My spiritual support group was here. My church was here. God got me out of the rut I put myself, every time. At some point, I realized God must have something amazing and grander for me in this season because I truly felt the spiritual attacks at nights and physically as well.

October came and I was blessed (and it was honestly a God-appointed time) to attend the ACC conference, representing A21. It was then God did a “SHIFT”, and I genuinely felt that “SHIFT”, in my destiny. I stepped boldly into the calling He gave me as a leader in His Kingdom. I didn’t know I never fully received that until that moment. I thought I did! That’s why I’m in Sydney even when I wanted to leave. But turns out, I haven’t received it in its entirety. I left the 4-day conference, feeling full of the Spirit, and I’ve never settled down since then. The Holy Spirit was moving constantly and never-ending. I’ve experienced things I never have before. 

The next week, I joined the online delegates with the Worship Creative Conference my church (Hillsong) hosted. God just sealed the things He has already spoken over me the week prior. I had so much peace I couldn’t make it up. Heck, my visa got refused for the negligence of my migration agency, (which wouldn’t have happened if my college produced more accurate documents). BUT, I was not mad or worried, nor nervous! I was walking in the fruits of the Spirit! It was crazy. 

On Monday, I felt like I birthed a baby- and in a way it was. The first of the many. Though it is not the usual “ministry” project one expects it to be, I do believe God is going to do many wonderful things through this program, and the many other things He has already shown me in visions. 

What makes me different, you may ask. I am the same as you. We are all special in God’s eyes. He has specific purposes and calling for each of us. It may look different in every season. Now, you might be called to be a mother, a father, a brother, a pastor, a businessman, an employee. God’s too unlimited to be limited by our expectations. Even when He gives us visions for our life, we have different expectations than what He is about to give us. It works, trust me- trust Him. 

And yeah, I am merely obedient to His whisper. And it’s not easy, my God I wish it was. But to be able to experience all that He has for you, it will cost you everything. And no, it doesn’t mean you will always be hungry and thirsty and homeless, (we rebuke that! Because He is our Provider.) 

The truth is, I will not trade the past 3-4 months with a stable job and security, knowing I am this deep with God. I am in a place, spiritually speaking, where I am not the same person as I was four months ago. Just this past month, He has brought me in spaces and places I cannot even describe. 

If you asked me five months ago if I saw myself doing online ministry as a female entrepreneur, would I believe you? No. I thought I was going to be working full time in a not-for-profit organization. Not like this. Ha! 

And this is just the beginning. It is with Spirit-filled boldness that I declare, watch this space for what God is still about to birth out. We will all be recipients of His grace, not because we are great, but because He is good and kind, and generous, and He is love.



P.S. If you made it this far in reading this blog post, I thought I’d give you something. Download free encouragement BG’s . It’s for you. 😄

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Hi there! My name is Jenna. I write and speak to encourage and empower women, equality, freedom, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle. For the Kingdom of Jesus. <3

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