Unforced Rhythm of Grace (part 2!)

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Last Wednesday, I shared an “Unforced rhythm of Grace” post. It didn’t quite cover everything, so here’s part 2 of that post. 🙂

Have you ever prepared for something and it never happens? (ha!) I remember growing up, my Dad would always prank us by telling us to get ready to go to the mall. We would be so excited, scrounging up and getting dressed as fast as we can. Only to come down the stairs and find him in the living room asleep or telling us it was all a joke. 😫 I know! a cruel mean prank! But I also admit it was funny. (haha!)

In reality (real adulting life), I find we often do something like this. Get this degree so we can work in this or that profession. Get that internship, to achieve that lifelong corporate job. But oftentimes, a roadblock hits our path. And seemingly ALL the things we have to do to gear and prepare ourselves toward our goals don’t happen the way we plan it to do.

choosing to live a life fully submitted to God meant everyday obedience for a lifetime commitment.

I have always said I trusted God, but I have to say that trust only grew more as I grew older. I learned that submitting my life to Him includes giving Him all my plans as well. I know, ouch! It’s hard especially if you’re a control freak like me. But girl, choosing to live a life fully submitted to God meant everyday obedience for a lifetime commitment. I encounter His grace on the daily… guiding me to the flow of unforced rhythms of His grace. It’s remarkable. It’s freeing. It’s breathing life in and out.

Back to my li’l story. My family and I would (sometimes!) eventually go to the mall and watch a movie. But sometimes we just stay at home, already dressed! but we just order take away food and enjoy each other’s company. If you ask me, looking back, that was even better because it drew us closer to one another. ❤️

In what ways do you feel like your trust in God has grown over the years? 🙂



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