F*ck Marriage by Tarryn Fisher |book review|

F*ck Marriage by Tarryn Fisher |book review|F*ck Marriage on May 15, 2019
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Two years ago, Billie Tarrow's husband left her for another woman. Shamed and divorced, Billie retreated to her family home in Port Townsend, far from her old life in New York. After a near-death encounter, Billie decides to return to the city that took everything from her.

But sometimes in the midst of heartache, hope suffocates the pain.

Satcher Gable has carried a torch for Billie for ten years. When she suddenly returns to New York a single woman, he can't believe his good fortune. But convincing her to walk away from her heartache is proving more difficult than Satcher anticipated. A changed woman, Billie's only goal is revenge.

This book did me over. I have not been married much more divorced, but I feel like I’ve gone through both. I particularly read books such as this to increase my empathy and understanding of those who have been through different challenges in life. Not everybody will understand, believe me.

Anyway, I have to be honest. By the end of the book, I didn’t like any of the characters haha! I do love the story though, just really annoyed at Billie, Satcher, and Woods. Billie and Woods are indecisive people. Satcher is a catch, and his resilience has been remarkable. Yet, I also want to punch him at times for not fighting enough for the love of his life. But he is also too much of a gentleman to respect someone else’s decision, he knows his worth and after he has said his piece, he doesn’t chase. I hated that he didn’t chase or fight for her either. However, I really can relate so much to what he’s been through- 100%! I am in a similar situation, kind of. The book said this quote “Our truth is something we know about ourselves without a doubt. It’s woven into our DNA”. When Denise, Woods’s mother said this, I immediately thought she nailed that in the head. Have you ever felt like someone is woven into your DNA. It does not have to be romantic. But no matter what you do, you can’t get this person out of your mind, your whole being?

It also made me think, how many times do we end up in situations just because we never think about what we are doing or we do not listen to that gut feeling deep down? That we inadvertently allow things to happen? I think that’s how we end up being someone we do not like or doing something we do not want to do, because we refuse to listen and we refuse to fight.

So, fight for your right, to be who you are and who you are meant to be. I am a firm believer of not giving up. As I said, Satcher’s character embodied resilience and endurance.

I almost thought the happy ending Tarryn was going to give us was not the idea of a happy ending that I have in mind. I really was freaking out!

Last but not the least, I would like to point out how she advocated diversity. She compared two sets of parents, one infused with love and resounding joy in the household and marriage. And another, somewhere where communication is a rare thing. I noticed how she communicated different sets of viewpoints people have about women’s role in marriage. It’s very interesting and I love how she presented it without judgment too. Crazy.

So, GO read this book you’ll love it! You’ll cry a lot but it’s really good. 

PS. This book served as a pathway for me to open up wounds in my heart that needed dealing with again. sooo… extra grateful to God for this book. Thanks Tarryn Fisher for writing not just ordinary books, but extra special ones. And I like how you write them differently than a typical romance book.

5 Stars

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