Real Stories Never End.

Hey there! This is just something I wrote from my heart earlier this year. It’s crazy how when I read this now, this is not where my heart is anymore. TIME HEALS. So, whatever you are experiencing now, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. BE ENCOURAGED.



I think it is unfair, absolutely unfair how you come so easily to me.

When you are cold and have nonexistent feelings towards me.

Every smile of yours I remember,

Your voice, it tingles my spine, even now.

Every sharp intensity of look you give me from those dark eyes of yours leaves me undone,

Every embrace I remember the warmth that it brings me,

When you press your lips on my head, I remember.

And yet, probably most probably YES, it nowhere as near matter to you as it does to me.

Because every time, the Holy Spirit whispers and encourages me to keep walking, to keep hoping, to keep believing.

And now that your heart completely belongs to another,

I cannot even utter a wave of anger.

Should I be mad at you?

At myself?

At God?

I am not angry at anyone, not even me, only in this situation.

At first, I had complete peace.


But as days turn to weeks, I know what it was.

A true peace, but one that exists as a substitute of Denial.

Now I’m being undone.

I feel feelings.

I hurt.

I am heartbroken.

My heart breaks.

My stomach churns. 

The acid wraps around and takes over.

How long Lord, I ask.

I am done being undone. 

I want over.

I cut ties over.

I am done.

And yet YOU say

Real love stories never end.

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Hi there! My name is Jenna. I write and speak to encourage and empower women, equality, freedom, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle. For the Kingdom of Jesus. <3

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