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Happy new year 2019! 


When the new year hits, people restart their lives. Resolutions come in in throngs of molecular gestures. By week four, it is almost forgotten and thrown into the backseat of priorities. Even so, I find it refreshing to start anew, especially if the past year has been not the best year. A new year gives new hope to the dreamers, the visionary, even to the simple little pea.

I myself have quite a lot of goals in mind. I have listed them all down- in my head, in my diary (calendar), in my wall calendar. Discipline will be a thing I would like to practice this year since I have too many goals for a year. It has a lot to do with preparations for the next season. It’s going to be a full year but I’m believing it will be my best year yet.


Take accountability with me. What about you, what are your goals and new years’ resolutions?




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