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I was just watching this comedy show on Netflix and the comedian was introduced with these mean descriptions but made funny and acceptable (because comedy.). And to an extent I understand it’s meant to be funny and I hate to even admit it that I kind of can’t help it but laugh sometimes when they say things like that. Because I know they don’t really mean it. Right?


It made me wonder though, how long have we, as a humanity, been doing this? “This” meaning insulting ourselves and accepting these lies and deem them reasonable, even without totally agreeing to them.


I don’t mean to sound condescending to anyone, but these are just the thoughts that plague my cluttered mind (during a time when I actually need to do some real work done haha). Hear me out on this.


I just care about people, in general. Yes, I am not a fan of everyone, but I love humanity. I choose to love humanity. And I say this in the hopes that someday, more and more of us if not ALL of us will learn to love ourselves. Show love to others by using real kind TRUE words, and not spreading lies or negativities. For what does negativity have space in your life? Nothing! They don’t make us move forward. They hold us back. Even little ‘funny’ words that seem harmless in the beginning but actually stays on the human mind..and then when we’re alone, we reflect back on to those words and ask ourselves…”could it be true?”. And that’s when the doubts come creeping back in.


And don’t. let. them. in.


So here’s to me hoping you are on with me on this, whoever you are reading this super random/but not really, blog.


I would like to hear your thoughts on my unedited rambling thoughts. (comment below!)

(and here are pictures I got from Pinterest to make us all happy and smile!)



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