|Hillsong College Experience| QUESTIONS???

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Hi there!


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post because you googled “Hillsong college blog posts”, then WELCOME!

If not, still, WELCOME!


Two years ago, I started my journey with Hillsong International Leadership College, and here I am, still here, and doing my THIRD YEAR! WOOOHOOO!!! It’s honestly still the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.


Now, I’m not saying, you should go to Hillsong college too.


But I am saying that IF you know for sure God is calling you to, DO IT.


In the mean time, IF you have ANY questions at all about anything about Hillsong college: the classes, the trainers, the college life, church life, ANYTHING! Please PLEASE comment below and I would love to help you in anything, as much as other past blog posts I’ve searched through google (before I went to college) have helped me.


If you know anyone with these questions, pop them over here too! 🙂


Hillsong College also does this thing called “COLLEGE ONLINE OPEN DAY” where you live video chat with some students and staff and you can ask all things about the experience. The next one will be on April 2017. Go to the website for more info!


bye for now!

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6 responses to “|Hillsong College Experience| QUESTIONS???

  1. Julia

    Hi Jenna !
    I’m glad I found you!!
    I’m currently working on my application for the semester starting next January and I’m not sure which campus to go to mainly because I won’t be able to afford a car but will need to work. Does that matter? How do other students do it?
    BTW “Hillsong College blog post is exactly what I googled” 😀

    • hi Julia! I’m glad you found me! lol. so cool!

      Well, I am from the city campus, and finding work is easier when you live near the city campus because there are more options to find a job. and bus and trains are accessible.

      If you go to the Hills, you can still find a job of course, and you can always take the bus to go there, however, having a car is easier from what I heard or get a bike. But there are a lot of people who just take the bus to and from school/work.

      hope that helped! It will also help you decide if you prefer living in the city/near the city or are you more of a countryside girl? It’s not really countryside countryside, but it is an hour and a half from the city. 🙂

  2. Sophie

    I love your blog posts!
    I feel like God has called me to go to Hillsong College one day. But I, too, wonder about which campus to attend. I’m more of a city girl, but I wonder how the other church campuses work. Like do they stream the messages live from one campus, or are there individual leaders/preachers for each campus. I don’t know if that’s confusing! 😂

  3. Hey!

    Thank you so much for creating this blog.

    The thing is, I’m from India and I wanna do TV and media course in Hillsong College.

    So, as you’ve mentioned that you’re in your 3rd year, I believe you’d be able to suggest me well.

    So, how many years of course is for TV and media?

    2. Do you have any idea on fee structure for the same?

    3. Where can we work?

    I’ve tried going through the Hillsong College’s website, however, I felt it’d be great if I can get someone to explain me things who hold practical knowledge.

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

  4. Victoria

    Hi Julia!

    Wow! This blog post was like an answer to my prayers, I have so many questions on Hillsong! I am a current university sophomore looking into possibly transferring over to Hillsong College January 18 🙂

    If it’s alright I would love to ask some questions!

    – Which stream did you choose to pursue? I am hoping to go for the worship and praise (instrumental) stream and would love to know more about the environment for musicians 🙂 Are there practice rooms? What kind of musicians attend?

    -My number one biggest worry is the degree system. I am worried that if I transfer to Hillsong College, later on I may wish I had gotten a degree? I know HC has their own degree system but it is not accredited by the states? I know that is horrible reason to stop me from pursuing HC, but I cannot help but worry!

    – Do you learn any core subjects such as math, English, etc. Or are the classes all surrounding your stream?

    Sorry for so many questions! Blessings to you for being so grateful and willing to help 🙂

  5. Erika

    Hi Jenna,

    Thanks for opening up a platform for us who are looking for more info abt Hillsong College.

    I am planning to enroll myself next July intake in City Campus. And the semester will start on 18 Jul, but I can only arrive in Syd like 16 Jul.
    Is there any events/orientation before the semester start? I’m just afraid that I’ll be missing them out if I arrive like too close to the starting date (and probably gonna rush with accomodation, bank account opening, and others hahah)

    I’m planning to take the Pastoral stream, do you know if there’s a lot of commitment or events for us to attend to after school?
    Because I’m planning to take part-time so I’m not sure of how many hours can I work in a week. And is it easy to get part-time job?

    I also read that we are required to serve in 2 weekend services and attend 1 service, so does that makes a 3 services to be attended weekly?

    Hope that won’t be too much question for you! Appreciate much and look forward to your reply! 🙂


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