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Feeling Sad

      We are humans, of course we are capable of feeling sad. Especially if you have a particular reason of feeling sad. Like did you lose a bet? Or did you lose a pet? It doesn’t even connect, but it rhymed haha! But have you ever experienced just feeling sad and you don’t even know the reason why? You try to pinpoint why, but it just hits you, like it’s coming from your gut. Weird I know. Sometimes I feel like does this come by being a woman? You know hormones hormones. Or is that just an excuse? One that we use more often than we want to.

Thought I’d share a sunset picture from Sydney! (pic from google, not mine!)


As a Christian, I know for sure this is not related to the existential question all human beings have. For I know my purpose and calling in life. And I’m not just saying that. And I know I am saved through faith in Jesus Christ. At least I am sure my sadness is not related to that empty feeling of not having a relationship with Jesus fills up.

Sometimes, I point this sadness of missing my family- especially missing what I had before. Missing my complete family and having the security of having them by my side always. I lost my dad 4 years ago, and the pain is still resonating in my heart. I was a Daddy’s girl too, and I was the apple of his eye. Losing that is a blunt to my ego. Then having my Mom look for happiness in another person rather than being content of having me also took another swing at my ego. Okay, this topic is getting out of my original topic.

This sadness I feel I’m not taking lightly as well. But what I know helps me during these times is being thankful. I think of the things I have now that I didn’t have before instead of thinking what I used to have and don’t have now anymore. I think of the experiences I have now and the wisdom I’ve earned from them. I thank my Father in Heaven for His faithfulness. For restoring ruined relationships, for daily provisions, for friends. And then somehow, I feel better.

Sometimes the things in this world just overwhelm us with the feeling of insecurity I guess. But going back to the basics—going back to who God is and who I am in Him positions me and reminds me of things I hope for and the things that are true.

So, whoever you are, whatever situation you are in, and whatever feelings you have now, let me tell you there’s always something better for you, and I’m not preaching but stating the fact that God is always there for you.

Remember when you’re starting to feel sad, start counting your blessings and be grateful. 🙂

Have a grand day beautiful! 🙂

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  • Tiffany (About to Read)

    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. Feeling sad and not being able to identify the reason is the worst. When I feel like that, writing my feelings down helps me figure out what’s causing them and makes me feel better.

    I know you put this up a while ago, but I hope you’ve been feeling happier!

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