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Hey there!


I’m currently here in my bedroom, comfortably lounging in my bed with my window open (it’s 27 degrees outside, hello winter?) and just enjoying my rest day, when suddenly I had the inspiration to write here on my blog. But of course the challenge was, what should I write about?


Then I thought, why not talk about “Assessments”? Just to avoid “this is boring” kind of comments, I only recommend curious and future HILC students to read ahead! 🙂 thanks lovely people!




Here in Hillsong International Leadership College, we really don’t have quizzes or exams (sometimes there’ll be but not always, but the worship students do have exams sometimes…), not like typical college or universities. And when I found out about that, my inner academic nerdy person went ballistic! But let’s be real, I was still 95% happy about that! No pressure.. no competitions within myself anymore… typical geek girl probs ya know?


Instead of the typical exams, we have “Assessments”. This is how we will be assessed (for the lack of a better word) on how we’re going with our learnings. Each subject/class we have will have two or three assessments each for the whole semester. They are all scheduled in equal intervals and deadlines are always due on Mondays. Sometimes, we will have two assessments due on the same Monday but not really more than 3. And believe me, students are given a lot of time to finish them. They usually include a lot of questions to answer, and sometimes kind of like mini term papers. But that’s okay, because it’s all take home. And we just have to upload them to our college website.


I don’t know what else to say except I really think this was a great idea! So as not to put a lot of pressure on the students, and make the learning experience more relaxed yet still make sure something’s are going inside our brains.


What do you think? And if you have any questions or suggestions for me to write about, feel free to comment below!




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4 responses to “My Hillsong College Experience blog #5 |Assessments, Assessments|

  1. Sandra

    Hi Jenna,

    I’m Sandra.

    I just stumbled across your blog! Thank you so much for sharing all your past / current experiences. It has truly encouraged me. I will be attending Hillsong college in the January 2016 intake. Almost three months away! I just really wanted your advise on what I should prepare before coming. First semester has been paid
    Health cover has been paid
    Visa has been paid (and now accepted / granted!)

    I am currently in the process of booking a flight however I am just uncertain which airline I should go for really, as the time is drawing near the prices are over the roof! So I definitely need to book asap.

    Accommodation can only be applied for in Novemeber.

    So I’m pretty much getting on with the preparation, but I guess I just need a little advice from someone who’s been through it! What should I consider brining or not brining?

    I’m 22, from London, UK. I will be studying at the City campus.

    Many thanks,
    Looking forward to hearing from you!!

    Sandra Fofie

    • Joana

      Hello Sandra. My name is Joana, I’m from Brazil, and I am going to Hillsong College too, January 2016 intake, City Campus.
      I think I saw you on this blog and I wanna tell you that I felt very happy reading about you, your journey… that was, in many ways, similar to my journey, and I felt so much indentified with you…
      I hope to meet you when I arrive.
      And Jenna, your blog is so especial, thanks for share your experience with us.
      I really want to see you when I get there.
      I will,from now on, pray for you both. God bless you girls!

      • Joana and Sandra, thanks for taking time to read my post! SO happy to have met you here (virtual!). Would love to meet you soon in school! praying for you girls!

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