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What do you dream for?

It’ s 3 am here in Sydney, Australia and I am awake.


Have you ever thought of what you want in your life? What do you dream for in the future? Career-wise? To have your own family? Six kids, maybe? Whatever this may be, I hope we also don’t forget to put God not only somewhere in there, but the center of it all.


Sometimes, in the midst of dreaming we forget about the One who gave us the dream. This is what we talked about in my connect group tonight. I think it’s cool to share to you guys what I reflected from this. I hope that’s alright. Anyway, it’s just a nice reminder to continually fix our Jesus as we do this journey of life.


I’m about to get real here you guys! Honestly for me, sometimes I tend to make the dream about me instead of about Him. It’s just so easy to get caught up in the dream, it’s so bad! But I love moments like these when God gently taps me into awareness that ‘Oops! stepped to far.’


How about you, do you already know what your God-sized dreams in your life are? Have you also felt the same way as I did mention above? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! 🙂




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