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|My Hillsong College Experience| My First Colour Conference

Hey there beautiful people!

Here’s a very late post from me.. 🙂 And it’s about Colour Conference 2015 at the Qantas Credit Union Arena last March.




I just experienced my first ever Colour Conference. It’s been one of my dreams to attend this conference and if I remember correctly, I was supposed to attend three years ago. Anyway! For the first Colour Conference in Sydney this year (there are two), I didn’t get to attend but I get to serve.

image1I remember I was always pasting a smile on my face and never letting the stress of the day worn me out from serving the Lord with a joy in my heart. I loved talking to women of different ages all day long. Even on my breaks (whenever I get one!), I talk random people, just encouraging them and asking them how their days has been. It’s pretty rewarding! One time, as I was walking somewhere before I had to serve again, I casually overheard two older women speak in Filipino- my first language! My first thought was it’s awesome to see fellow Filipinas attend Colour. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to approach them when I was already many steps away from them. After struggling with doing it or not, I finally caved in. Turns out they needed help with finding a place and though I’m not the perfect person to help them, I still did! It’s so amazing how God answers little prayers through you.

Throughout the first week of conference, I was just filled with delight and I learned so much. From image2technical stuff such as helping out with the registrations and head count team. To revelations from God through where I was assigned at. For example, while at the Rego team, I was so amazed by how many women from all around the world come to Sydney for this conference: countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, US, and diff parts of Australia and New Zealand! I also learned how there are so many nice women in the world, who are generous and buys extra tickets for their loved ones or friends or even strangers! It’s so cool to see how God stirs upon each of our hearts and encourages us to be like Jesus and extend kindness and generosity to others. As part of the head count team, my mind was blown away the first night I served. Why? Because of the amount of women present in that stadium! I may never know the whole amount, but just counting on my sections, it was already thousands! I couldn’t believe it!

image4      It’s truly a week of stress (especially for other people who did more than what I did), but it was all worth it. Seeing all those women praise and worship the Lord, and give their lives to Him.. whatever it is they carry in their hearts, I just saw the need for a Savior in every eyes I looked at. And witnessing such an event is having my brain seizure in amazement with the Lord. 😀



Before week 2 of Colour, we had a three day break! Thank You Jesus! It was a well needed break for everyone. Then week 2 began! As first year students, we were privileged to be given a chance to sit in and be attendees of the conference. Though we only linked in to the live event but still the same! We heard the messages and boy was it good? It wasn’t! Because it was AWESOME.

While I thought God already spoke to me enough, I was wrong. I really did not expect God to speak to me as much as He did the first week. Listening to guest speakers Sheila Walsh and Dawnchere Wilkerson was phenomenal! As well as our very own Ptr Bobbie Houston and the amazing communicator Christine Caine.

For all the sessions, God spoke to me differently but with everything I’ve heard, everything was still so in tune with where I am at in my life right now. I can’t go deeper and tell you all the notes I’ve written down for all of them, but I can summarize it in a manner I hope you guys will understand.

Both of Dawnchere’s messages somehow spoke to me the loudest. In her first session, she spoke about the “Loverush” of the Father. When she first read Psalm  68:5 “You are the father to the fatherless..” I already wept in my seat. I just miss my dad so much it’s so bad. See, I’ve lost him to cancer three years ago and the pain is still something I carry with me. I thought I was already done with my grief, and I think I am because I’ve already come to terms with it. But sometimes, there are still a lot of moments where I just miss him so much…and it doesn’t help that my family right now is sorta broken. BUT! I have a Father who rushes to rescue me, wherever I am, whatever I’ve been through. God has never left me even for a second. I cried and cried while listening to Dawnchere’s message because all the things she said were true! I am ever so grateful to the Father because He never left me nor forsake me just as He has promised.

On her second session, she talked about a message called “Slowburn”. I still get the goosies remembering this message. It was just soooo good and powerful. She used the example of a dynamite- it is slow and almost invisible yet steady. But when it explodes, it obliterates everything on its path. A lot of times waiting is so hard. Who am I kidding? It’s not just sometimes, it’s ALL the time. And it’s even worse when we don’t see anything happening. We often wonder if our faith is still igniting? Holding on to the Word of God is such a challenge especially when we can’t see it. And we are often left frustrated. The reminder is that though we doubt ourselves, we have to remember God is faithful! And Faith is the victory because our faith is not in ourselves but in the Son of God, Jesus Christ! It’s not all about us anyway. It’s not about me or you, but it’s about HIM. Circumstances frustrates us because we don’t understand, and it doesn’t help that we don’t see anything happening. But take FAITH in HIM, because “He has made everything beautiful in His time”. So so good!

I don’t know what you are going through today. You might be in the season in your life where you are facing extreme trials: could it be in your health? or finances? or relationships or lack thereof of relationships?

I know it’s so hard to wait on God, and continuing to be faithful. But just as He rose from the dead, He gives us hope. And in this Hope we find assurance that He will deliver us from all these trials. He is there. Jesus loves you and me. After being refined in the fire, we will all come out stronger and we carry more faith in Him who is able.

If you’ve reached this far into my post, I’d like to sincerely thank you for reading my post! I hope you were blessed by it. 🙂



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Hi there! My name is Jenna. I write and speak to encourage and empower women, equality, freedom, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle. For the Kingdom of Jesus. <3


  • Aiza

    Hi Jenna,

    Just wanna ask how was your experience at Hillsong College. I’m planning to study there next year but I’ a bit scared.. 🙂


    • Jenna

      Hey Aiza! That’s so cool! I really love it here, and feel free to email me if you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. Don’t be scared though, when God calls you, He will see it through. 🙂

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