I’m in Australiaaa!!!

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Hey there darlings! I’m in Australiaaa! Okay. I’ve been here since the 20th of January, that’s why I’ve been so silent. We don’t have wifi in our apartment yet and whenever I go to our church or school, I don’t bring my laptop with me, hence my blog silence. Anyway! It will get better when we have wifi, I promise!!! But I’ve been on twitter and instagram the whole time! (So you can go and follow me there if you’re curious about…erm, me? Instagram: @jennachristy Twitter: @coffeebooksme)


So, I’m planning to post some tips and stuff I did the past two weeks as I promised. And I’ll post pictures too! I just don’t have them with me yet. Anyway! I just dropped by to say that to you guys! And I’ve been reading all your comments on my giveaway post. Which I extended for the month of February too. All your support means so much to me, thank you!


I’m feeling so great here btw. Everyone’s so nice and the church services are so good and I just feel closer with my relationship with God. We officially start our classes on Tuesday and I cannot wait!


But for now, please continue praying for me, Ciao bellas! 🙂

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