BLOG changes, Now on YOUTUBE + GIVEAWAY!!!



Hey guys! JUST in time for NEW YEAR, so I launch the new and improved COFFEE, BOOKS AND ME!!!




WELL, I really didn’t change my blog theme and design ( I am still very much in love with this one and I have attachment issues). BUT!!! I’M CHANGING a LOT of content on my blog. Well, I will still be reviewing books (don’t worry fellow book lovers!) BUT I have decided to include BEAUTY and LIFE  in my blog as well.

To get those thoughts organized, I’ll put this in a Q&A style thing.



Won’t incorporating those three things “taint” and mess up your blog?


WELL, good question! I have thought about this for months and I know I haven’t blogged so much the past year, that’s why I thought it would be BETTER for my blog to have MORE life if I added my beauty-related posts and some life update posts (possibly more VLOGs from me). SINCE I recently joined the YOUTUBING world. (Well, I have created an account years before, BUT I just started making videos).


That’s why if you’ve noticed my MENU has changed, and you can see NEW THREE MAIN categories: BOOKS, BEAUTY, LIFE. 🙂



I really can’t think of a question NUMBER 2, BUT I guess it’s time to INTRODUCE my YOUTUBE channel!


I have always loved makeup and skincare products and fashion… BUT it wasn’t only recently when I joined the YOUTUBE channel bandwagon. At least the making videos part. I guess it’s kind of indecisive of me to put together a BOOK and BEAUTY channel TOGETHER. BUT I really don’t like managing TWO channels and making few contents each. And SINCE I’m pretty much involved in the TWO things, I don’t see and reasons for me not doing it. I don’t know, what do you think?

I also think this NEW idea and CHANGE and CHALLENGE I’m doing for myself is pretty good! BECAUSE doing the same old thing gets old, right?

Anyhow, in celebrating this NEW thing/hobby I’m doing, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! Because WHAT other way to let this make known than doing a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the WORLD right?


It’s not as BIG as the giveaway I ran last month (I just picked out the winner a few days ago HERE) BUT, a giveaway is a giveaway.


This will be INTERNATIONAL. And all you need to do is be SUBSCRIBED to my YOUTUBE channel. That’s IT! Then additional  entries are available as well.




There will be THREE winners of $25 Amazon GC (or whichever platform/site you may want- Barnes & Noble, Target, let’s figure it out along the way– I’ll just correspond with the winners). BUT For now let’s name it Amazon GC. NEAT!


I’ll run this giveaway for the whole month of January until FEBRUARY
so you can have more entries!!!




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