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[Book Review] Better Than Perfect by Simone Elkeles

[Book Review] Better Than Perfect by Simone ElkelesBetter Than Perfect by Simone Elkeles
Series: Wild Cards #1
Published by Bloomsbury on August 14, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 344
Format: Paperback
Source: Own copy
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Ashtyn's life just got complicated. Her boyfriend is being distant and her sister's back at home after ten years - with a stepson in tow!

Derek has a perfect body, THE sexiest smile and a car - Ashtyn's only way to escape from her crazy life. But Derek likes to play by his own rules and is keen to take Ashtyn on a ride she'll never forget. As they spend more and more time alone together, will Derek's flirty games drive Ashtyn wild?

A sweet and steamy romance from New York Times bestselling author Simone Elkeles.

my thoughts


[read this back in August ;)]

     Better Than Perfect is the kind of book that you would want to read to soften up your mind and heart in the midst of studying. I read this last month right when I was in the midst of studying real hard for this licensure exam. Hard is and understatement! BUT! I picked Better than Perfect because I miss Miss Elkeles’ awesome writing and I was seeking for a read that will make me feel better in a lot of sense, and she fits the role. 😀

     There were definitely no regrets reading this book. Derek and Ashtyn’s story is the kind of book that I would compare with Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally, Lauren Barnholdt books, Jennifer Echols, Susane Colasanti, etc. You get the idea.

     I love Ashtyn and how effortlessly cool she is. She’s a football player, and she’s tough, and she really has everything figured out, and that’s really amazing for a 17 year old. Derek on the other hand has nothing figured out. Credits to him, few years back he did have everything figured out, but when his mother passed away, he was out of sorts just like any other teen would be. But only with him, he never got out of that pit.

     When they meet, oh boy! It was an unforgettable first meeting! lol. It was funny and just so funny! And the following encounters they have is just this plain hate-hate interactions that are absolutely hilarious at times. It was all natural and not forced, how the scenes played out. Though Ashtyn had a boyfriend when they first meet, and I appreciated Ashtyn not doing anything or acknowledging anything or be anything with Derek because she was with someone, even if that someone clearly didn’t really love her or care enough about her except himself. but still, right? 

     The story goes on and on and a lot of twist here and there, but eventually we all know they develop their feelings with each other and previous stance in life that doesn’t even make sense change..for the better–they make sense now. And later on in the book, we’ll meet a really interesting and likable character in the form of Derek’s grandmother. I kind of wished her grandmother made an appearance since the start of the book because she is by far my most favorite grandmother in the history of grandmothers in all the books I’ve read. She’s funny and she brought the story to another level of humor. It was totally random and unexpected. Derek’s absentee father is not at all a bad dad, I would’ve loved for him to have a scene in the book, but from what is told about him, I think he’s a great person…I think. In Ashtyn’s family, things didn’t start well, but hey! Time mends all things right? And I think the mending began at the end of the book.

    Overall, as I said, I loved the book and it just gave me all these warm fuzzies inside! 😀

4 Stars

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