It’s Friday! What are you reading?

Hey guys! Just a quick post for today. It’s actually my first time asking this question for the blog. “It’s friday, what are you reading?” The question is not uncommon in the blogosphere or on twitter. It’s a weekly question actually, hehe.

Anyway! Let me first tell you what I’m reading today.

I started reading Crown of Midnight by the lovely Sarah J. Maas last Monday, and now I’m reading Heir of Fire!


I got it from BEA last May, and I just can’t put it down! I’m past halfway through it and it’s just getting better and nastier and more and more amazing! My mind’s so full of questions..and I cannot wait to discuss this book with someone!!! (Maybe even make my very first book discussion on the blog?) a shout out to anyone reading Heir of Fire?

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