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Hi guys! Welcome to my tour stop for Christine O Neil’s Chaos blog tour, hosted by Rachel and Jaime from Rockstar Book Tours.

Check out my interview with Christine below, and don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaway! 🙂

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Hi Christine! Welcome to Coffee, Books and Me!

Thanks so much for having me!

Tell us in one sentence each what is Chaos all about and why should we read it. 🙂

Chaos is about a sixteen year old girl who finds out that she’s a semi-god descended from Aphrodite and she can suck the love and life out of people with her fingertips.

You should read it because the main character, Maggie, is hilarious, Mac (her hero) is scrumptious and the book is action packed and a little bittersweet.

Who is your inspiration in writing?

Let’s see, do you mean who inspires me to write? If so, then this is going to be sound really weird, because as a mom and a wife and a born nurturer, my life pretty much always revolves around other people. But this one thing? This is for me. Writing feeds my soul and gives my brain (which is a hot mess, I swear!) a place to unload. So, while situations and people watching (we’re SO weird, right?!) and my family and outside influences all inspire scenes and characters, I am my own inspiration to write. I need it. It’s a part of me.

If you mean, like, what author have inspired me, then pull up a chair, lol! Seriously, I have soooo many. Gillian Flynn, J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Tessa Dare, Sydney Sheldon, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, John Green, Christopher Moore. I’m a reader first and I have so many authors who make me want to write and constantly improve my craft.

How did you come up with Chaos?

This book was actually a collaboration between me and my editor and publisher at Entangled, Liz Pelletier. She was looking for someone to write a book on an idea she had and put out a call to authors, asking them to write a sample chapter that incorporated their best YA voice. Then she would pick one of the authors to work with. 156 of us sent in writing samples, and a week later, she called me, SUPER excited about the scene I sent her. She loved it so much, she wanted to contract my story immediately. So we took the little kernel of an idea I had written, and sat on the phone until around 2 a.m. brainstorming and world building around that scene. What we ended up was a loose outline for Chaos (and the rest of the Kardia Chronicles series). It was literally one of the most exciting and fun creative experiences of my life!

Describe to us your writing and publishing process.

Ack! This is a good one, because it really showcases how glam my life is :oD

I wake up in the morning and try to come up with an idea (or more aptly, thirty of them and then pick the one that’s screaming the loudest, sorta like you do with a roomful of babies. Not that I’ve ever had a roomful of babies. Because that would be weird. *steps gingerly in front of open door* *blocks view of babies*)

Then, I jot that idea down. THEN, I change from my sleeping yoga pants to my working yoga pants and get some coffee. Once I’ve got my sustenance, I surf the web for a while, searching out all the important things I might need to know that day, like “How do mermaids pee?” After that, I feel guilty for slacking off for an hour so I guilt myself into writing some words. This is where it gets good. Somehow, after banging away on my keyboard, I look up a couple hours later with lots of words on a page. Full of accomplish-y feelings and self-pride, I clomp into the kitchen, paw through the fridge like a mad bear looking for any food that doesn’t require fire, peeling, chopping or opening, and I jam handfuls of it into my mouth and chew. After that, I pour some more coffee and go back to more writing (enter, more magic). Then, at about a quarter to four in the afternoon, I jump up in horror when I realize my husband will be home soon, and I check my shirt for any egregious stains, brush my teeth and sometimes even my hair and pretend that I looked that good all day. Glamorous, right?

What makes a good story?

Characters people can connect with. Doesn’t matter what they’re doing, or where they’re going. If you make characters feel real to the reader, they will follow them anywhere. People are weird, we have weird habits, and flaws and things that make us each unique. Characters have to be that way too, or people can’t relate.

Any advice for aspiring writers out there?

Don’t stop. Everyone and their mother has a book in their head. Half those people have even written part of it, and 10% of THEM have finished writing one. And then it sits under a bed, or gets subbed once and gets one rejection and that’s that. I wish I knew who said it, but I’m going to repeat it: An author is just a writer who didn’t quit.

Some quick this or that.

M&m’s or skittles?

Oh gawd, is that even a real question? M&M’s. Skittles are…wrong. And chocolate ALWAYS wins.

haha. I would pick the same. 🙂 

Chocolate or vanilla? See above :oD

Glass half empty or half full?

Depends on the day, but I strive for a half full mentality!

Heels or flats?

Heels. <3

Thanks for the hilarious and interesting chat Christine ! 🙂

Read about her book below:



My name is Maggie Raynard. After sixteen years being just plain me, suddenly, when I lose my temper, my fingers become weapons of mass destruction. Turns out I’m a semi-god, descended from Aphrodite. Sounds cool in theory, but when I accidentally put my ex-boyfriend in a coma, things go downhill pretty fast.

Now some new guy named Mac Finnegan has made it his mission in life to continually piss me off. I’m stuck learning how to use my new powers while also dealing with regular high school problems, and with this annoying—and super-hot—guy all up in my business, I’m about to flip out.

But it gets worse. I just learned there’s this watchdog council of semis who keeps an eye out for any bad apples. They think I’m the baddest of the bunch and want to take me out before I do any more damage. My nemesis Mac might turn out to be my salvation, only he’s got secrets of his own…and they may just kill us both.

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About Christine: 

entangledheadshotChristine O’Neil is one half of the happiest couple in the world. She and her handsome hubby currently reside in Pennsylvania with a four-pack of teenage boys and their two dogs, Gimli and Pug. If she gets time off from her duties as maid, chef, chauffeur, or therapist, she can be found reading just about anything she can get her hands on, from Young Adult novels to books on poker theory. She doesn’t like root beer, clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but lurrves chocolate, going to the movies, the New York Giants and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Writing is her passion, but if she had to pick another occupation, she would be a pirate…or, like, a ninja maybe. She loves writing fun and adventure-filled romance stories, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with rusty spoons. Christine loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to get in touch with her via the Contact Page. Christine also writes adult romance under the name Christine Bell.

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  1. Love your interview questions, and this book sounds completely fab! I need to get my hands on it! 🙂

    Also, Hi Jenna! I’m super excited about stopping by on my upcoming book tour for Six Months Later in a few weeks! Thank you so much for hosting.

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