Monday Moonings: The 13th Cycle by Sabrina Ricci

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Monday Moonings is a weekly meme here on my blog featuring new books or authors, but mostly self-published authors. 🙂 

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Today, we feature Sabrina Ricci’s book, the 13th cycle, which has a story revolving around the “end of the world”, december 21 thing. Which I do not believe, btw. Anyway, this is upcoming self-published novel, and check it out! 🙂 And the author has kindly and generously offered a giveaway, don’t forget to enter below:)

The 13th Cycle

by Sabrina Ricci

Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Novella

(some sci-fi and historical elements)

Amara Randall is a college student with a passion for exposing the truth. When she sees the havoc the Maya calendar predictions wreak, she decides to debunk the myths and try to restore the peace.
Mahaway is a charismatic young scribe in ancient Maya. But her world is torn apart when a greedy new king declares war on her city.
Now at the end of 2012, Amara’s obsession leads her to uncovering a deadly conspiracy, one with roots dating back more than a thousand years. Using clues Mahaway has left behind as a guide, Amara must stop the conspirators’ terrifying plan before December 21. If she doesn’t, the world really will end.

About the Author:

A California native currently living on the East Coast, Sabrina Ricci is a writer who makes ebooks for a living. She also started a company, Write or Read, to help other indie writers figure out who is reading their ebooks, what readers like about the books, and other metrics and insights that could potentially make authors more successful. Someday she hopes to get back to California. Until then, she will preoccupy herself with her obsession with dinosaurs.


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