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A bit late for a blog’s “new year resolution” right? Good thing it’s not-a new year’s resolution for me. Rather, just another realization of improving my love for blogging by blogging more. Does that make any sense? Well, anyway, I plan on wanting to blog everyday, or almost everyday, so I decided to weekly join the following meme: (thank you to my friend Raffy for designing the banner. :))

Waiting on Wednesday by Jill from Breaking the Spine

I’ve joined these memes for a number of times already but just not regularly. By having my own banner, I will try to be more productive on those posts. hehe.

The next three memes are ones I thought of myself as a kind of exclusive for my blog ( I don’t know what the future holds, but for the mean time it’s going to run in my blog only). So, these are just random ideas I thought of to posts more in my blog. 

Monday Moonings– promo stops for new books and new authors. I’ve been getting lots of e-mails from authors to review their books. Since my TBR list never seem to thin out, I just don’t have time to read additional books (and I’ve been so slow in reading lately. anyway) So, I thought of this meme to help them promote their book instead. 🙂

Thoughts on Tuesday– random thoughts from me. Really. Anything under the sun! 🙂

*Note* The 2 memes I made up were created by me (from one of my daydreaming). If by chance I offended you by some similarity of it to any meme, I apologize for not mentioning “inspired by” (because I really don’t know any blog meme similar as to these ideas my brain came up with, and pls inform me so I can do the proper recognition. Thank you! )

Another meme I wanted to add is “Book Blessings”, in lieu of “In My Mailbox”. It is inspired by “In My Mailbox”, and other similar memes. But due to the recent issues in the blogosphere this week, I decided to just have my own meme on showcasing the books I bought, was gifted or given for review. 

What do you think? 🙂

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