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rafFy’s tooths☺me creAti☺n


This food blog is probably very far from my usual book reviews, well anyway. This morning after our Youth worship, my friend (whom I consider my brother ☺ and I call him “Kuya”, real name: Raffy) gave us some 2 pints (I think) of his homemade ice cream! I was stunned and surprised by this because I didn’t know (obviously that’s why I was shocked right? gosh.)….Moving on, how was it? (you may ask) well, it was super yummy and scrumptious! Upon seeing the delectable dessert, my mouth watered (no biases even if I haven’t had any bfast that time yet) and was only satisfied when I had a taste of the succulent ice cream. I liked how it melted in my mouth fast, caramel and almonds are my fave toppings!..thinking about it makes me hungry…:)

AS of now, he’s still on his way to discovering and making new flavors. Hopefully, Kuya will pursue his ice cream-making career and let us be his taste testers FOREVER! 🙂

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five out of five!

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