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Wither (Chemical Garden, #1)Wither by Lauren DeStefano

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It was a nice read. Made my mind busy enough not to think of Jace always. lol. But it did little to it. Anyway, the book has a unique story, who would’ve thought that human race’s lifespan be decreased to twenty for girls and twenty-five for boys? It sure did not cross my mind. The story started without any extra whatever, it was directly to the point. The writer made me delve into that future world where brides are bought, and viruses kill of the human race at such an early age. It made me thought of things that we should do to make our life worth it, and all this before I turn 20. and I’m twenty now!
However, the characters were made to feel more like prisoners as they just stay at home and have no freedom. I mean, having a lifespan of 20/25 years will already make you feel like a prisoner, and their situation was just worsened, and I feel for them.

I like how Rhine was such a strong independent woman who despite having an impossible situation did not give up hope, and worked hard and schemed her way into freedom. Although softened by her emotions, and she almost really fell in love for her husband, still, she was able to remind herself of her main goal in life.
I like how she remembered things from her past.

What I really hate when I read stories such as this is when a very hateful character in the beginning slowly makes me like him, and then in the end I want him to be the one for the girl but it’s not gonna happen. Or when there’s a guy in the beginning, and they’re a couple,and there’s a newbie, and of course I entertain the idea of that newbie, but I still want the original guy for the girl and it doesn’t happen anymore..anyway, i’m just blabbering.

I think this one is a series, and though the ending was a happy one, but the entire conflict wasn’t solved. I like the story but it has no factor wher I want to read the next one immediately.

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  • Netherland

    There’s the whole class struggle thing going on, as well as the conflict that being a sister-wife creates. It was a quick read, and the pages flew by and at the end I found myself looking forward to book #2. If you like to delve into YA now and then and like dystopian fiction but not necessarily the violence, then this might be a good book for you.

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