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Vince's Life: The Wedding (Vince's Life # 3)Vince’s Life: The Wedding by Vince O. Teves

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary: Vince thinks his life is over when he loses Cat – the girl who turned his life around after Andrea broke his heart. Then his friend Connie drops the bomb on him telling him she’s pregnant and that she wants him to come to her wedding in America – where Andrea is. His first love. Does this mean Vince and Andrea finally get another chance? Or does Vince land an ending that he never expected?.

What I think: Following Vince’s life was a real roller coaster. It’s like I’m his guardian angel who witnessed every effin’ part of his miserable, happy, up-and-down, love life, with cherry on top! lol. This book ( i hope the last one) is a good bye2x ending to his love story. His love life mostly is made up of kisses+break ups+depression+alcohol+work work work+fun fun fun+makeups=happy ending!
Again, I enjoyed Vince Teves’ writing! it was so wittingly fun and serious at the same time. loved how he wrote. simple but you know, a lot of truths in his words. lots of funny moments, heart-whelming and breaking moments, he said the right words at the right lines! the story was like reality. (i don’t know if he just named the main character after him/if this is his real story,lol)
The book brought me to places I’ve been before (blessed, take note, to be able to travel those places), and as they had their adventure in SF, LA, LV, I was brought back in time. Anyhoo, love the ending! just as I thought Andrea and Vince’ll get back together, but there’s a surprise! (even if the back cover made you think it was Andrea), but Cat somehow is still the one. They’re one. I like the ‘rewind and play’ in Vince’s mind. The scissors analogy! lots of sayings that are so quotable.

just two thumbs up!(:

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