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About Me.

About me:
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    My name is Jenna, I’m a Christian, and a nurse by profession. I love reading  books, and because of this I gave book blogging a try. And since I’m still blogging now, I deem myself successful in this hobby,haha.

Okay, so books. As far as I can remember, I started reading fiction when I was in 3rd grade. But my desire to read books started when I was in grade 2. I remember that I envied my sister at that time (as a 3rd grader, she’s allowed to enter the library and borrow books). but when I reached 3rd grade, I had my chance and I spent every recess time in the library. My friends and I used to do the librarian’s work like stamping borrower’s card,etc. 

     I usually read Nancy Drew novels, Hardy boys, Sweet Valley high and let’s not to forget the HP series. I even collected Babysitter’s club books and used my allowance money to buy them from book sales. (I still have them!) 
     In high school, I went a bit serious in my academics, but I still read a couple of books every now and then. 
     As I began college, I was so preoccupied with schooling and only read about 5-10 books a year. However, sometime the first semester in my second year in college, some of my classmates were talking about a certain book series, and they passed the book to each other after reading it. One time, before our Biology class started, I was bored and grew curious about this book. so, I borrowed the first book from my friend. The class reporting commenced and I was already unstoppable, I hid the book underneath my desk just so I can continue reading. I finished the book that night. Yes, it was Twilight. 🙂 Only then did my love for reading return, and this led me to other books such as The Mortal Instruments, etc. When I reached 3rd year, I began reading chick lits as my past time ritual before my hospital duties. I read more books in my senior year. 
     After I graduated college, that’s when I had lots of free time before review season (to take a license exam) began. And so I decided to start this blog, and I actually finished 130+ books in 2011! And 157 in 2012. So yeah, that’s my reading history. 
     I’m not really good in book reviewing and sometimes I have a hard time expressing my review in words, and I definitely commit lots of grammatical and typo errors (#1 reason: I don’t edit or reread what I’m typing,lol). Most importantly, I’m not a computer genius and so the technicality of blogging took some research and lots of hard work on my part. 

     Now, I’m mostly contented in my reading and blogging hobby. The past two years of blogging has been quite taxing but also satisfying. Free books, good relationships with publishers and all the perks of book blogging? What more could I ask for, right?


April 2014 update

–3 years now!

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Hi there! My name is Jenna. I write and speak to encourage and empower women, equality, freedom, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle. For the Kingdom of Jesus. <3


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